Thursday, 12 April 2018

Pacific Life Insurance Company Do your DUE DILIGENCE. Read all the Documents in the Simon Bernstein Estate, Pam Simon, his daughter was cut out of the will, I allege she was involved in insurance fraud, fraud on the courts and more, do your own homework.

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Monday, 26 February 2018

West Palm Florida Lawyer Brian O'Connell, PR Under Oath, Judge Rosemarie Scher Court. Florida Guardianship Case. Florida Probate Case. West Palm Estate Case.

 (Mr. O'Connell resumed the stand.)

· · · · · THE COURT:· You're still under oath.

· · · · · Go ahead.· It's all you.


· · ·Q· · Are you aware of a 2000 insurance trust
that was executed that the policy in question has
been assigned to in the year 2000?

· · · · · MS. CRISPIN:· Asked and answered.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.· You already asked
· · ·him that.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· NO, a 2000 insurance policy.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Oh, overruled.· Thank you.


· · ·Q· · That supersedes a 1995 trust?

· · ·A· · You'd have to show me a document.

· · ·Q· · Okay.· Here.


· · ·Q· · Mr. O'Connell, have you seen that trust before?

· · ·A· · Sitting here today, I don't recall it but
it's possible in the volume of documents in this
case that I could have, but I couldn't tell you

· · ·Q· · Do you notice that it's Bates stamped by Tescher & Spallina, the former attorneys who committed forgery and fraud in this matter that you replaced and those documents were transferred to you by Ben Brown and you actually argued -- can you answer that question?

· · ·A· · I see Bates stamps at the bottom.

· · ·Q· · So these would be part of your record, correct?

· · ·A· · I'm not sure.· I'd have to look on my record to be sure.

· · ·Q· · And you're aware that the state has argued in Illinois Federal Court that this 2000 trust
supercedes the '95 trust, thereby rendering it moot, the '95 trust you're entering into settlement with,
is that correct?

· · ·A· · I'd have to see some more documents.· If you're talking about -- has there been something in writing submitted taking that position?

· · ·Q· · Yeah.· Your summary judgment arguments rely on this 2000 trust superseding -- in that 2000 trust, can you read from Page 1, the trust, the first paragraph and the Number 1?

· · · · · MR. ROSE:· Objection.· The document is not
· · ·in evidence, hearsay.
· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.
· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· Can I submit it as
· · ·evidence?
· · · · · THE COURT:· Objections?
· · · · · MR. ROSE:· Authenticity.
· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· It's Bates stamped.

· · · · · THE COURT:· It doesn't matter.· Sustained.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· It's been submitted into the record.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· We can't enter this?

· · · · · THE COURT:· No.· I sustained the
· · ·objection.· It's an evidentiary objection.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· Okay.· Am I allowed to ask
· · ·him questions about this document?

· · · · · THE COURT:· If you ask a question and
· · ·there's an objection, I'll entertain it. I
· · ·can't tell you how to proceed.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· Okay.


· · ·Q· · Can you read the first paragraph and
Number 1 of that document?

· · · · · MR. ROSE:· Objection, hearsay.· The
· · ·document is not in evidence.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· Okay.


· · ·Q· · You argued in Illinois in the federal action on behalf of the estate that this 2000
document superseded the 1995 trust?

· · · · · MS. CRISPIN:· Asked and answered.· He said
· · ·he needed further documentation to see it in · · ·writing.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.


· · ·Q· · In a recent similar case to this with allegations of fraud in the Bivens case, are you
aware of the Oliver Bivens case?

· · · · · MR. ROSE:· Objection, relevance, materiality.
· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.


· · ·Q· · Have you been charged with breach of fiduciary duties and negligence recently and found guilty by a jury of your peers in a federal court?

· · · · · MR. ROSE:· Objection, relevance.

· · · · · MS. CRISPIN:· Argumentative.

· · · · · THE COURT:· I have to overrule those
· · ·objections because it would go to bias.

· · · · · MS. CRISPIN:· Your Honor, he used the word
· · ·charged.· That was my problem for the
· · ·argumentative.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Okay.· With regard to the word
· · ·charged, sustained.


· · ·Q· · Is there a verdict that claims you breached fiduciary duties and negligence in the handling of an estate?

· · ·A· · There was a verdict but the matter has
been settled and the case has been dismissed with
prejudice pursuant to a confidential settlement.

· · ·Q· · Who was your attorney in that settlement?

· · ·A· · Wicker, Smith.

· · ·Q· · Was it Alan Rose?

· · ·A· · Alan Rose came in after the verdict to
represent the law firm while Ms. Crispin and I were
represented by the Wicker, Smith firm as we had been
from the inception of the case.

· · ·Q· · So the verdict stood?

· · ·A· · No.


· · ·Q· · So there was a jury verdict that you had
breached and committed negligence with Ashley
Crispin, correct?

· · · · · MR. ROSE:· Objection, relevance and
· · ·repetitive.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.

 MR. BERNSTEIN:· By the way, Your Honor, something strange here has occurred.  Mr. Rose is O'Connell's counsel.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Excuse me.· Do you have a
· · ·question for this witness?· You have one
· · ·question left.


· · ·Q· · If there is a 2000 trust, would it not be a necessary party to any settlement if it deals with
the same insurance policy?

· · ·A· · I'm not aware that that trust exists, the 2000 trust exists.

· · ·Q· · If it exists?· Since I can't enter it into evidence.

· · ·A· · I'd have to review the documents to make sure.

Q    But after you reviewed them, if you found that it existed, would it be a necessary part to any settlement?

· · · · · MR. ROSE:· Objection, calls for a legal
· · ·conclusion and the facts are that trust and no
· · ·trustee has intervened or sought to do anything
· · ·in the Illinois case so it's an irrelevant
· · ·question.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:   Your Honor, that's really
· · ·relevant because the reason this trust is
· · ·suppressed is because my sister, Pam ..
· · ·I'd like to enter another piece of evidence
· · ·where they discussed suppressing this and
· · ·hiding it from the court.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Sustained.· Last question.


· · ·Q· · When you found out that I was a beneficiary of my father's estate and Judge Blakey removed me on summary judgment claiming that I was not a beneficiary based on res judicata from this court, when you found out again and admitted in court at the first hearing that I attended with Judge Scher here in the courtroom that I was a beneficiary, did you notify the federal court that I was a beneficiary with standing in my dad's estate?

· · · · · MR. ROSE:· Objection, relevance,
· · ·argumentative, and I think these issues are the
· · ·ones that were decided by the federal judge in
· · ·Illinois.

· · · · · MS. CRISPIN:· Objection, compound.

· · · · · THE COURT:· I'll let him answer the
· · ·question.· He either did or he didn't.

· · ·A· · I guess to answer your question, I'd have
to go back and review your intervention and review
the order and --


· · ·Q· · The order is there.

· · ·A· · It would take some time to do it to say whether that would be --

· · ·Q· · Well, let me ask you a question.

· · · · · THE COURT:· No, that was it.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· It's the same question.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Then it's been asked and
· · ·answered.

· · · · · MR. BERNSTEIN:· Well, let me help him
· · ·answer what he said, Your Honor.· Would that be
· · ·okay?

· · · · · THE COURT:· That would be okay.


· · ·Q· · The question is, after a review, if you found that I was a beneficiary with standing in the estate and the Illinois court was under the impression that I was not and had dismissed me,
would I need to be reinstated as a party in that action who would be a party to this settlement?

· · ·A· · That would be between you and the Illinois
federal court using that hypothetical.

· · · · · THE COURT:· Okay.· That about does it for
that.· Follow up, Ms. Crispin?
· · ·MS. CRISPIN:· None.
· · ·THE COURT:· You may step down,
Mr. O'Connell.

Source of and Full Hearing Transcript

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

"The underlying breach-of-contract complaint could wipe out the Fort Lauderdale law firm" . I am Betting Law Firms are Lining up like Dominoes. Just a Guess.

$20 Million Loan Comes Back to Haunt Broward Law Firm, Defense Counsel. "A motion for sanctions takes aim at several high-profile South Florida Lawyers including noted appellate attorney Bruce Rogow." WHOSE NEXT ?

“They’re just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. It doesn’t matter what you do, the ship is still going to go down.”  Paul D. Turner of Perlman Bajandas Yevoli & Albright in Fort Lauderdale.

"A motion for sanctions takes aim at several high-profile South Florida attorneys — Bruce Rogow, Albert Frevola Jr., Jessica Kopas and Michael E. Dutko Jr. — as an old debt comes back to haunt Conrad & Scherer.

The underlying breach-of-contract complaint could wipe out the Fort Lauderdale law firm under a motion asking the court to appoint a receiver to take control of Conrad & Scherer.

The 2017 lawsuit pits former client Douglas Von Allmen against the firm that represented him for years. The sanctions motion alleges Conrad & Scherer borrowed $20 million from Von Allmen to fund litigation against convicted Ponzi schemer and law firm chairman Scott Rothstein and to launch a national human rights practice."

Source and Full Article

Thursday, 8 February 2018

The Parties who Brought the District of Illinois Lawsuit KNEW from the start that they were filing in the WRONG Jurisdiction. Pamela Simon of STP Enterprises, Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, David Simon, Adam Simon, Scott Wellington of Jackson National and more involved in what sure seems to be Insurance Fraud to me, among other alleged Crimes. Stay Tuned as the TRUTH keeps rolling out and one day there will be the Ears of True Justice to Hear and Justice will be Served.

Eliot Bernstein was ALWAYS, Clearly a Beneficiary.

All the Attorneys, Judges, Guardians, Life Insurance Companies and others involved in all of this will someday be held accountable, it is simply how the TRUTH works. The Truth rises to the Top so we can all see it Clearly.

Plaintiff Ted Bernstein knowingly stated false facts to the Illinois Court and the Court simply took those statements as fact, with no lower court ruling or proof, and with no Trust, and NO Life Insurance Policy. This District of Illinois Case seems to set a precedent whereby anyone can get life insurance on anyone, or claim they had it and have no policy, and even in a case where there was murder alleged and a toxic coroners report. WOW.

Seems to be a Clear Case of Fraud on the Court and Insurance Fraud, as far as I See it.


Heritage Life Insurance, Jackson National Life Insurance and the case of the "friendly" carrier that Pam Simon claimed to have. No Policy or Trust needed apparently.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Never Forget the Kimberly Moran Story regarding Kimberly Moran a Florida Notary for the law firm of Tescher and Spallina Law Firm. She was found guilty of Forgery and Fraud, the document she forged was to the benefit of Ted Bernstein, client of Alan Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss Law Firm .

From all I have read and seen over the last 5 years or so reporting on this Florida Probate case, I fully believe that Donald Tescher and Robert Spallina ordered the notary to forge the documents, as they were her bosses at that time.

NOW Fast Forward to Early 2018 and WOW, Ted Bernstein and his attorney Alan Rose of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss seemed to have used this incident to further benefit client Ted Bernstein and to the detriment of other beneficiaries. This done via a secret confidential settlement with Tescher and Spallina for 2 different estates, the Estate of Simon Bernstein and the Estate of Shirley Bernstein. The secret settlement agreement was alleged to have been done in July of 2016 as stated by Alan Rose.

Sure am curious as to how this went down. I mean the acts that Tescher and Spallina did actually benefited Ted Bernstein, Alan's client. I would go so far as to say that Ted was involved in Tescher and Spallina forging the document, just speculating, and then years later a settlement with Ted's attorney .. ???

So what about this Kimberly Moran Story:

Kimberly Moran, Notary for Tescher and Spallina State of Florida Notary Suspension

Kimberly Moran was arrested and went through this process due to the actions of Eliot Bernstein. The fraud and forgery that Kimberly Moran committed benefited Ted Bernstein. Alan Rose of the Law Firm of Mrachek, Fitzgerald, ROSE, Konopka, Thomas & Weiss is and has been the attorney for Ted Bernstein.  The forgery fraud that Kimberly Moran, Notary for Tescher and Spallina committed seems to me to have benefited TED directly.

Kimberly Moran Legal Assistant & Florida Notary Public Employed by Tescher & Spallina P.A. Arrested by Palm Beach County Sheriff Forgery & Fraudulent Notarization License SUSPENDED by Governor Rick Scott Notary Public Division in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein before Judge Martin Colin

ARREST has been made in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein Florida for FRAUDULENT NOTARIZATIONS and admitted FORGERIES of five documents in our names and one in our father’s name, which was FORGED POST MORTEM for him by Donald and Roberts Legal Assistant and Notary Public, Kimberly Moran.

ARREST have been made in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein Boca Raton Florida for FRAUDULENT NOTARIZATIONS and admitted FORGERIES of five documents, which was FORGED POST MORTEM  by Donald and Roberts Legal Assistant and Notary Public, Kimberly Moran.
Response to Florida Governor in Kimberly Moran Notary Fraud, Forgery Case

Donald Tescher Filed a Bar Complaint with the Florida Bar against Robert Spallina, his then partner in the law firm Tescher and Spallina. Donald Tescher Filed this complaint January 15th 2014. Regarding Trust Document Tampering. The Document tampered with was to the benefit of Alan Roses' Client Ted Bernstein. And the detriment of Eliot Bernstein and other beneficiaries. Click Below to Read Bar Complaint

Below is the Revocation filing for Robert Spallina, Florida State Bar

"B. The Florida Bar File No. 2014-50,885{15E)
1. Petitiorier added a paragraph to his client's Trust Amendment
after the client was deceased in an effort to comply with the
client's wishes.

2. The Trust Amendment was presented to the Court by another
attorney at which point Petitioner admitted to his wrongdoing."


"Three disciplinary matters hung over Robert Spallina (Loyola Marymount University Law School, 2000), who pleaded guilty to securities fraud after engaging in insider trading and admitted adding a paragraph to a trust amendment after a client was dead to comply with the client’s wishes. So, Spallina opted for disciplinary revocation, which is similar disbarment. He can apply for reinstatement Oct. 30, 2021."

SEC Criminal Complaint Documents in Bar Complaint

More about Robert Spallina in all this Madness

Heritage Union Life Insurance Company and Jackson National have known about all this fraud, murder allegations, millions in life insurance and no policy, a "friendly" carrier claimed by Pam Simon of STP and more. Why they let the Fraud go on, well that will have to wait to be revealed, but I am guessing it will come out some day.  From who? Don't know, maybe Don Sanders, one can never know where the Truth will surface. Some research below to ponder for now, while the TRUTH is awaiting arrival.

Judge Martin Colin aided and abetted the criminal activities as I see it, in the Estate of Shirley Bernstein, the Estate of Simon Bernstein and all the fraud, forgery, civil rights violations, predatory guardianship and more. Colin knew all along, as did Judge John Phillips, then head of the Guardianship Program.

Court Hearing Regarding Deceased Signing Documents

September 17th 2013 Hearing

"THE COURT: So final disposition and the
 order got entered that Simon, your father ‐‐


22 THE COURT: ‐‐ he came to court and said I
23 want to be discharged, my wife's estate is
24 closed and fully administered.

25 MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: No. I think it
1 happened after ‐‐

THE COURT: No, I'm looking at it.

3 MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: What date did that
4 happen?

THE COURT: January 3, 2013.

6 MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: He was dead.

MR. MANCERI: That's when the order was
8 signed, yes, your Honor.

9 THE COURT: He filed it, physically came
10 to court.


12 THE COURT: So let me see when he actually
13 filed it and signed the paperwork. November.
14 What date did your dad die?

15 MR. ELIOT BERNSTEIN: September. It's
16 hard to get through. He does a lot of things
17 when he's dead.

18 THE COURT: I have all of these waivers by
19 Simon in November. He tells me Simon was dead
20 at the time.

21 MR. MANCERI: Simon was dead at the time,
22 your Honor. The waivers that you're talking
23 about are waivers from the beneficiaries, I
24 believe.

25 THE COURT: No, it's waivers of
1 accountings.

2 MR. MANCERI: Right, by the beneficiaries.

3 THE COURT: Discharge waiver of service of
4 discharge by Simon, Simon asked that he not
5 have to serve the petition for discharge.

6 MR. MANCERI: Right, that was in his
7 petition. When was the petition served?
8 THE COURT: November 21st.

9 MR. SPALLINA: Yeah, it was after his date
10 of death.

11 THE COURT: Well, how could that happen
12 legally? How could Simon ‐‐

13 MR. MANCERI: Who signed that?

14 THE COURT: ‐‐ ask to close and not serve
15 a petition after he's dead?  "

Click to Read Full Hearing Transcript and source of above quote, the above starts on page 14

Kimberly Moran, Florida Notary Public involved in Fraud, Forgery, Estate Fraud ..
Motion to Freeze Assets in Shirley Bernstein Estate. Judge Martin Colin did NOTHING.


THEY ALL KNOW, KNEW and / or participated AND DID NOTHING

Mark Manceri, Judge Martin Colin, Robert Spallina, Donald Tescher, Guardian Diana Lewis, Ted Bernstein, Pamela SimonDavid Simon, Deborah Bernstein, Laurence Pino, Judge John Phillips, Judge David French, Attorney Ashley Crispin, Attorney Brian O'Connell, Attorney John Pankauski, Attorney Steven Lessne, JP Morgan, Oppenheimer, Life Insurance Concepts, Life Cycle Financial Planners, STP Enterprises and a whole lot more law firms, insurance companies and individuals have been involved in what sure seems to be massive fraud, forgery, predatory guardian ship, civil rights violations, murder, theft, and more in South Florida. Do your Homework folks. These Judges, Guardians and Attorneys involved in the Estate of Simon Bernstein Case, have been doing this to countless victims for decades. 

Click Here to Scour Details of this Case
the Ted Bernstein Report by Investigative Blogger Crystal L. Cox

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Boca Raton Insurance Ted Bernstein, Pam Simon brother. THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY v. BNC NATIONAL BANK, Third Party Defendant Ted Bernstein Boca Raton of Life Cycle Financial Planners.

Pamela Simon of STP Enterprises in Chicago is Ted Bernstein's sister. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Ted Bernstein Boca Raton Life Cycle Financial Planners.

20.    Stephen D. Schutte and Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, soliciting agents for the Carnago Life Insurance Policy.  (number 20, page 35 )

30.  Ted Bernstein may be liable ..

“31.    Plaintiff Penn Mutual has alleged that the life insurance policy was procured by

persons having no Insurable Interest at policy inception, and that there was, at the

time of application, a plan to transfer the Carnage Policy to a party or parties

possessing no Insurable Interest In the life of Carnago. In the event that Penn

Mutual prevails on this allegation, Third Party Plaintiffs Carnage and Schutte assert

that Third Party Defendant Visionary Marketing and/or Ted Bernstein may be liable

for all or part of that claim.”

Insurable interest means that if a person wants to buy 10M of insurance he must have a reason such as to cover income loss or estate taxes.  Without that “insurable interest,” even if he can pay or someone else can pay for the insurance the carrier will decline coverage.

How did Ted pull this all off? Got a Tip about Ted Bernstein's Insurance Scams over the years? eMail me at

Source and Full Document of Above Information

Read all about Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, ya know the guy who says his only problem in life is Crystal Cox blogging about what he is actually doing, and that nothing ever came up as a black mark on the professional life of Ted Bernstein before Crystal Cox, yet there is so much out there for someone to research if they only take a deeper look than Ted Bernstein's stated word.

Pamela Simon of STP Enterprises in Chicago is Ted Bernstein's sister. DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Also Check out the Bill Stansbury lawsuit against Ted Bernstein regarding his practices in the insurance industry.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Conseco Companies Searching my Blogs. DO YOUR HOMEWORK

If you Need more information regarding Pam Simon of STP or Ted Bernstein Boca Raton, please email me at This is a VERY big deal. I see you are looking at information on Jackson National and Heritage. THEY paid 2 Million in an Insurance Claim in the District of Illinois Bernstein Case, and there were murder allegations by Ted Bernstein, a Toxic Coronors report. Pam flat out lied about the Trusts in the case, as to whether they existed and who were heirs and she did so knowingly willful and malicious.

Maybe it is Don Sanders, the possible "friendly carrier" looking at my blogs. Whoever you are, YOU cannot pay out a life insurance claim with NO POLICY, you DID, how ? Well if you can then why can't we all. I am working on a detailed letter of what you did and who did it to email Jackson National and the insurance regulators month after month until someone listens.

Jackson National Life Insurance Don Sanders